Top 10 Christmas Albums

I LOVE Christmas music.  It is full of hope, love, and joy, and puts the message of Jesus' birth on people's lips world wide!! So, now that it's finally "officially" winter, and with it being almost Christmas, I thought I would show you guys what I've been listening to this Christmas season!  Here are... My top … Continue reading Top 10 Christmas Albums

Why I’m Not Worried About Who Is President

Ok guys....I'm not a political person whatsoever.  It's just not my thing.  It bores me to death, to be honest.  But I can't just ignore stuff that's going on either.   Right now it's all about who you're gonna vote for and why, and if you're voting differently than me *gasp* do I even know you?!  … Continue reading Why I’m Not Worried About Who Is President

“This is Love” Album Release! 

On this beautiful fall day, my third album, titled "This is Love," released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and multiple different music sites!  This album has been full of creativity, hard work and was definitely made with love!  I'm so thankful for Riley Friesen, The Hit Lab, and all my friends who helped make this happen! … Continue reading “This is Love” Album Release! 

Tears in a Bottle I wrote this song on Christmas Day thinking about all those who are hurting from loss or sadness. There's so much of that going around lately, with things like the many school shootings, and I just really felt like God put it on my heart to share it with you all. Please share if … Continue reading Tears in a Bottle